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Author: EngysTopic: OSX IconsLast change: 2016-11-08 15:54:35 

For newer OSX Xcode versions look into the reply of this thread.

The following was true for older OSX Xcode Versions:

The Xcode Developer Tools have everything you need to create desktop icons! Under Developer/Applications/Utilities you could find the Icon Composer. This tool creates icons per drag and drop. You only need to import a PNG file and the Icon Composer create icons in different resolutions.

Why I am writing this? As I need this tool neither the internet nor the XCode manual give me a sufficient resource. I stumble around this as I copy some libraries in place.

Author: Engys Title: iconutil Last change: 2016-11-08 15:47:34 

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In newer OSX Xcode Versions the "Icon Composer" is not automatically included anymore. If you like to use a gui program like this you need to select "More Developer Tools" under "Open Developer Tools" inside of Xcode in the menu Xcode.

But OSX have a terminal program called iconutil that also supports Retina displays and can convert png files.


How do I know what I am thinking, before I read what I write?

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