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Forum > Blender Output > Cycles GPU rendering save electricity!
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Author: EngysTopic: Cycles GPU rendering save electricity!Last change: 2013-05-14 18:51:08 

As I try to figure out the power consumption of my workstation, I came to a nice other conclusion.

I rendered a testscene in Cycles via CPU and GPU and compare the power consumption of both methodes with a measurement device.

The final image rendered in Cycles on NVidia GTX 560 TI GPU's in 31,53 sec and need around 210W.
The same scene rendered on the same Computer (i7-2600) with Cycles CPU rendering 1:29,54 sec and need around 140W.

That means that Cycles need around 3 x 140W = 420W with CPU rendering and around 210W with GPU rendering to get the same result.

So Cycles GPU rendering not only save time. No! It is even better!
Cycles GPU rendering also save electricity!

At the end of my measurement i got only one question.
Is there a point when GPU rendering fails because of memory limits?

Yep there is! At some point textures that exceeds the graphic card memory will be rendered in black.

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